Under the Glow

Hi Meows!

Have you checked out my Youtube channel?

I’m adding Korean subtitles/CC on my video.

So if you are Korean, it would be helpful!

Cropped Sweater by Rosegal

Sugar Bag by Gamiss

This cropped hoodie has rose embroidered, and I love that little detail.

Too bad it’s too hot to wear it now 🙁 LA is between 90-100 degree.

I vlogged about this exhibit at art district!

I have so many things to edit but I start working more shift so don’t have much time…

What a bummer…

Well…your girl needs to make some money money money hehe

Oh I’ve had this mini bag forever and this is so useful!

I can carry my camera for vlog everywhere and I love that it has zapper not buttons.

I tend to lose some stuff if I have buttoned bag.

And this top has cute hoodie so I can wear rainy day!

I didn’t put away this top in case 😉

Look at that vivid rose<3

Chelsea boots by Zara

Yea…it’s THAT boots I wore during whole winter…or spring

Oh! What did you buy at Zara Sale? I didn’t go crazy this time but I got some good stuff.

I will show you any time soon.

I’m editing my San Diego trip video and pictures and I got really cool shoot.

Can’t wait to show you meows!

Please stay connected with me on Instagram @jinffeine

See ya! 

Rosegal lace dress long sleeve spring 2017 Promotion

Click here to check out some goodies like I did at Rosegal!

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