Stay Dead

Hi, Meows! How do you like my hair?

It’s brighter at this moment.

And as it fades away, I have more multiple colors now.

  Stay Dead T-shirts by Gamiss

Haha do I look like the printing?

As soon as I saw this shirt, I thought I must get it!

The quality is pretty good too.

It’s thick so you can’t see through my underwear. That’s a plus for white shirts.

I think this will be my go-to shirt for the summer.

I have resting bitch face so I think it goes perfect with me.

  Chelsea Boots by Zara/ Fishnet Tights by Blackheart

I’m so into fishnet tights now.

You’d see me wear it everywhere on December if you follow me on IG @jinffeine

Are you familiar with this picture?

It’s thumbnail for my vlogmas #3

You can see how I took these lookbook pictures in the video.

And you will see why I wear one eyelash on the one eye 😉

I’m trying to figure out how to shoot perfect lookbook video for you.

Faux Leather Jacket by Zara

I love faux leather jacket or faux fur coat.

Those are chic items I can wear for this cold weather.

I love my bomber jackets but they are too thin for this winter.

I can’t believe LA can get this cold 🙁

I like new apartment. It’s spacious so we can set up backdrops to take a picture.

I still need to figure out about lighting set-up.

I learned this stuff at the school, but it’s not as same as for film set-up haha.

I admire all the youtubers doing this.

My babies always bother me a lot when I’m working on something.

They are sleeping by my side now too.

Just watch my youtube video. You will see.

Ok, I’m out now but we will see again soon<3

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1 comment for “Stay Dead

  1. sam
    January 27, 2017 at 5:56 AM

    I find it very cute . .. Really nice,Amazing total look
    I love so much this your looking:)

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