Slit It

Hi, Meows!

I’ve been just studying and working during my spring break.

Does anybody have a fun during your break?

My work closed down its business so I’m currently unemployed LOL

Well, I kinda wanna focus on school until this semester finishes.

But I’m like, super broke hehe. Let’s see how it’s going.

Faux Leather Cap by Fashionnova

I’m into a baseball/dad cap now. Am I too late for the trend?

I have some more looks with caps. I wish I have time to edit more!

Oh wait…I lost my job so probably?…

I love this spring weather. California’s sunshine is like blessing every moment.

Side Slit Dress by Zaful

Stud Flats by Zara

I love this dress because it’s so comfy and hides my belly LOL

So whenever I feel like eating a lot or bloated, I wear this kind of dress.

Zaful has such a huge swimsuit collection, I’m looking through it.

You know bikini season is coming right!

I used to have similar design flat that I bought in Korea.

I used that for years until their soles totally fell apart.

When I saw these flats at Zara I had to buy it!

I love this design because it’s feminine but also have rock n roll feeling to it.

I’m going to edit San Francisco Vlog after upload this post and lookbook.

So, stay connect with me!

Just in case, I will link my Youtube channel <- Just click the text!

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