Hot summer is going away!

It was freaking hot last week but this week feels bit cooler 🙂

I went to Salvadorian festival last weekend but didn’t film or do that mush of stuff

because it was disappointing.

There were just bunch of commercial booths.

Dress & Sunglasses by Zaful

Bag by Skinfood

Sandals by Steve Madden

This summer dress is so cute and comfy.

Plaid pattern is the thing now as I can see all brands have so many plaid pattern items.

I think it’s very classy and lovely pattern.

The point of this dress is the backside.

I had to ask Andy’s help to tie ribbon.

Well, it’s cute so that’s not a big deal.

This converse bag? ego bag was gift from Skinfood.

Yes, it’s that Korean cosmetic brand!

The yellow point at the bottom looks really cute and the quality of bag is good

so I use this bag in my daily life pretty often.

It was too shiny not to use sunnies.

These sunglasses from Zaful is perfect for this vintage vibe outfit and pictures.

Please don’t forget to check out my new San Diego vlog!

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