Hi, Meows

I know! I haven’t uploaded my blog forever!

But if you follow me on my Instagram or Snapchat @jinffeine,

You’d know that I’m working on my Youtube channel more.

Check out my vlogmas if you haven’t.

You will see my hair color transition in that vlog 😉

So far, I like my new hair but I miss my old mint hair sometimes.

Embroidered Cat Shirt By Zaful

Chocker by H&M

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this shirt! I’m a cat person and this cat reminds me of my cat in my hometown.

I like this dusty pink color. I’m pretty into this color now.

I just bought dusty pink suede sneakers and knit top.

I think this top starts my dusty pink phrase.

When I wear this shirt, I like to roll up sleeves so I can show off my cat tattoos.

I think they are perfect match.

Shorts by H&M

Tights by Moretights

Chelsea boots by Zara


My hair still keeps changing color every time I wash my hair.

I just love this mermaid look!

Maybe I should shoot some mermaid lookbook 😉 JK

Anyways, if you watch my vlogmas, you will see I shoot other lookbooks.

So keep up with me.

And I’d appreciate if you subscribe my channel.

You will see more video coming up.

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