Ice Cream Fun


Is it Summer?

  Hi Meows!

I hope you are having great summer.

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Back to my blog post.

I went to Museum of Ice Cream last month.

I will make separate vlog about this as well 🙂


Top by Zaful

Skirt by American Apparel

Sneakers by Converse

I love this top from Zaful and it came at perfect time.

The quality is really good and I like that it gives romantic and sexy mood at the same time.

The museum it self was pretty fun experience.

Literally everything is so cute and I love its vibe.

Sprinkles pool was the best part of the museum.

You might see thousands of pictures on Instagram but really, it’s so Instagram worthy.

How can you not take hundreds of pictures here?

Quote of the day.

Most importantly, Be You!

Tennis skirt is everything.

It goes with everything <3

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