Comfy Bananas

I found my pictures from few months ago.

I meant to post this look but I couldn’t find where they are!

I had to reinstall my Mac and cleaned up some old files then, voila! I found them.

Hehe good to see my old hair.

Oh if you haven’t seen my new hair yet, check out my Instagram @jinffeine

I got some mermaid vibe.

Bra Top by Calvin Klein/ Banana Shorts by Gamiss

It was the time when everybody post pic #mycalvin when I bought it LOL

I love it. It’s so comfy but I didn’t wear out yet, only at home.

Banana! You know I buy every Banana stuff because of my love for DADA LIFE

This pants actually featured in their The Compound Trailer.

The one hand holding passport is mine!

Cardigan by H&M/ Thigh High Socks by Nasty gal

I love to wear cardigan and socks at home during winter.

I study and work on my blog or video stuff in the kitchen and it’s freaking cold.

But with those, it’s not that bad.

Whenever I try to shoot at home my babies bother me so I caught him.

Isn’t he hansom?

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