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Comfy Bananas

I found my pictures from few months ago.

I meant to post this look but I couldn’t find where they are!

I had to reinstall my Mac and cleaned up some old files then, voila! I found them.

Hehe good to see my old hair.

Oh if you haven’t seen my new hair yet, check out my Instagram @jinffeine

I got some mermaid vibe.

Bra Top by Calvin Klein/ Banana Shorts by Gamiss

It was the time when everybody post pic #mycalvin when I bought it LOL

I love it. It’s so comfy but I didn’t wear out yet, only at home.

Banana! You know I buy every Banana stuff because of my love for DADA LIFE

This pants actually featured in their The Compound Trailer.

The one hand holding passport is mine!

Cardigan by H&M/ Thigh High Socks by Nasty gal

I love to wear cardigan and socks at home during winter.

I study and work on my blog or video stuff in the kitchen and it’s freaking cold.

But with those, it’s not that bad.

Whenever I try to shoot at home my babies bother me so I caught him.

Isn’t he hansom?

Enough Shopping for the Summer?

Hi Meows!

Whoa the weather in LA is so weird!

It’s hot and super windy that my work and apartment had blacked out over weekends.

I will go Colorado for Dada Land Before Time. I’m so excited to vlog about it!

I might get photo pass to shoot their show so stay connected with me on my Snapchat and Instagram @jinffeine

I meant to post about what I order from Rosegal last week.

You know what? I already got them! I was surprised how fast it got to me.

I usually expect longer time to get somethings from China but well, it’s better to get earlier than later hehe.

I’m glad I can bring some clothes from Zaful and Rosegal with me for my trip.

Hooded Rose Embroidered Cropped Hoodie - GRAY SStylish Spaghetti Strap Striped Asymmetrical Women's Dress - WHITE S

Cropped Hoodie

I used to underestimate hoodies.

But as I’m attending school again, I realized they are the best!

I’m a crop top kind of girl, so this cropped hoodie with rose embroidery is just perfect for me.

Striped Dress

Who doesn’t need a basic summer dress?!

This dress also has little kick with its asymmetrical end.

I already tried on it and its material is pretty thick so I don’t need to wear bra under it aka the best part.


Mandala Printed Tasseled Tablecloth Round Beach Throw - WHITE/BLACK Skinny Leather Studded Belt - ESPRESSO

Beach Throw

I got swimsuit from Zaful. What else do I need for the summer…hum…A beach throw!

Well we all know black and white can fit in everything.

I was so attempted to get colorful throws like pineapple ones but I decided to go with classic color.

Studded Belt

This would go well with the stripped dress above or any other dresses that are little bit bigger for me.

I received most of stuff I ordered from Zaful and Rosegal and I’m happy with everything so far 🙂

Rosegal has Lace dress long sleeve spring 2017 Promotion

You should check it out too.

Can wait to shoot lookbook with all new goodies I got!

I can’t post anything next week since I will be on trip. But I will be back with tons of new stuff!

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Black Bunny

Two posts in one day yay! I think I’m just avoiding study.

Well we were supposed to go The Broad the day we took this picture.

So I wore little bit formal/fancy…for my style LOL

But Andy was confused about the date so we had to come back the other day.

BTW I have pictures and videos from The Broad. Stay connected with me for it!

Top by Zara/ Skirt by Forever21/ Sneakers by Vans

This top is the one drags to me off shoulder trend!

I think it can be really cute and formal at the same time.

It was my first time trying Blue Bottle coffee and I wasn’t amazed about it.

It was super HOT day so I regretted wearing all black and were so thirsty.

It was closest coffee shop so I ordered latte as usual and it was…meh.

I think there are so many better coffee in LA.

  Choker by H&M

I usually don’t prefer wearing heavy accessories but this choker is so cute and classy.

I thought it would be good for museum atmosphere.

I already booked my hair appointment next week.

Can’t wait to get my hair done because it seems pretty messy now.

I will stick with Blue color but will have some more details.

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Summer Shopping in Process

Hi, Meows!

Are you surviving from your school or work well?

I’m barely alive now. I just had new job interview and I got it.

I’m sad and happy cuz I don’t wanna work but I have to…you know what I mean 😛

What can make me feel better?


I live in LA so the weather will be like Summer in any time although it’s still middle of Spring.

It’s always better to prepare early than later!

Do you remember I mentioned in my last post that I was looking at Zaful to buy new bikini?

Well, I didn’t end up buying bikini from Zaful but I did get some perfect pieces for the Summer!

PS I also got monokini hehe It’s my first time to try monokini

Long Fitting Buttoned CardiganLace Up Off The Shoulder Cropped Top

I know it’s not so colorful for Summer but Black and White are classic that I can match everywhere.

They have so many cute crop tops and bikinis so you definitely should check out their site.

They also have Zaful white see through dress spring 2017 Promotion

Click and see what I mean! Let’s talk about my list.

Long Black Cardigan

I always get sick even during summer due to an AC and I still didn’t own any long cardigan for summer.

So when I saw this, I thought it would be cool to wear or carry this one daily.

Lace up Crop Top

Isn’t it freaking cute?! I own hundreds of crop tops but I don’t have any style like this!

I can’t wait to wear it! It’s just perfect for both casual style and date night!

Off Shoulder Ruffles Striped Crop TopMesh Insert Monokini Plunge Swimsuit

Striped Crop Top

Did you notice that I’m sooo into off shoulder trend?

Off Shoulder glamorizes my collarbone and shoulder line and I really like that.

Black Mesh Monokini

This is the monokini I was talking about!

I got some carbs belly since I’m eating a lot of carbs when I study.

I had some other bikinis in mind but I wanted to try something new and I think this one can cover my belly XP

I will post summer Lookbook when I get them.

Waiting new package is the happiness LOL

Road Heat

Hi Meows!

Spring break is over and now I’m sitting on a loads of study and assignment.

Can’t wait to this semester end.

LA is getting hotter and hotter and last week was like the summer.

So I changed my closet season and now I’m ready to rock tank tops and shorts.

Cami Tank Tops by Zaful

Shorts by Urban Outfitters

Sneakers by H&M

I love this kind of tank I have similar design in black, dusty pink, and oatmeal color.

I think tank tops are perfect for LA weather.

When it comes to hot weather, I usually wear like this look or just throw mini dress.

I know you can see hundreds of Cali girls wear like this everywhere.

But I told you, this is the perfect look for this weather!

Commit the Frog Cap by Zaful

Choker by Forever21

You’d already saw me wear this funny and cute cap many times hehe.

I love Commit the Frog and its meme always make me laugh.

It’s black cap so I can match with anything, right?

Slit It

Hi, Meows!

I’ve been just studying and working during my spring break.

Does anybody have a fun during your break?

My work closed down its business so I’m currently unemployed LOL

Well, I kinda wanna focus on school until this semester finishes.

But I’m like, super broke hehe. Let’s see how it’s going.

Faux Leather Cap by Fashionnova

I’m into a baseball/dad cap now. Am I too late for the trend?

I have some more looks with caps. I wish I have time to edit more!

Oh wait…I lost my job so probably?…

I love this spring weather. California’s sunshine is like blessing every moment.

Side Slit Dress by Zaful

Stud Flats by Zara

I love this dress because it’s so comfy and hides my belly LOL

So whenever I feel like eating a lot or bloated, I wear this kind of dress.

Zaful has such a huge swimsuit collection, I’m looking through it.

You know bikini season is coming right!

I used to have similar design flat that I bought in Korea.

I used that for years until their soles totally fell apart.

When I saw these flats at Zara I had to buy it!

I love this design because it’s feminine but also have rock n roll feeling to it.

I’m going to edit San Francisco Vlog after upload this post and lookbook.

So, stay connect with me!

Just in case, I will link my Youtube channel <- Just click the text!

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