Black Bunny

Two posts in one day yay! I think I’m just avoiding study.

Well we were supposed to go The Broad the day we took this picture.

So I wore little bit formal/fancy…for my style LOL

But Andy was confused about the date so we had to come back the other day.

BTW I have pictures and videos from The Broad. Stay connected with me for it!

Top by Zara/ Skirt by Forever21/ Sneakers by Vans

This top is the one drags to me off shoulder trend!

I think it can be really cute and formal at the same time.

It was my first time trying Blue Bottle coffee and I wasn’t amazed about it.

It was super HOT day so I regretted wearing all black and were so thirsty.

It was closest coffee shop so I ordered latte as usual and it was…meh.

I think there are so many better coffee in LA.

  Choker by H&M

I usually don’t prefer wearing heavy accessories but this choker is so cute and classy.

I thought it would be good for museum atmosphere.

I already booked my hair appointment next week.

Can’t wait to get my hair done because it seems pretty messy now.

I will stick with Blue color but will have some more details.

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1 comment for “Black Bunny

  1. sam collin
    May 3, 2017 at 6:24 AM

    Love the casual chic outfit. Love how it matches the background! <3 🙂

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