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Hi, Meows. Are you doing great? I’m not…sadly. I got cold 🙁 I’m overloaded by works and school stuff and I didn’t do a thing this weekend. Well, it happens sometimes. I will worry about my assignments tomorrow. I still feel like Meh but I’m writing this blog to keep me up because I like…



Hi, Meows!

Can you feel the fall coming?

I already changed the season of my closet.


This outfit is from the last spring tho.

But I think it fits perfectly for the fall as well.

This skirt from Zara is absolutely my favorite knit skirt and I wear a lot of times.

I’m shorty so I usually wear mini skirt but this mid-length skirt is exception.

Top by Korean brand/ Skirt by Zara/ Sneakers by Adidas



Spring in Korea has some special feeling that I can’t feel in LA.

Oh…how I miss my Asia trip 🙁

By the way, you’d see that backpack in my vlog a lot.

That’s from Zara as well and was so useful for trip!


I love cats. I love taking pictures or video of them.

I might be creep but yeah…

Check out those cuties and my trip in my video!

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That means a lot to me 🙂

  img_0651  Gyeongju is beautiful authentic city.

If you visit Korea, you should visit there!lookbook

Bomber by Forever21

That pigeon 🙁

See ya next time! I will come back with my Moving day Vlog!



Hi, Meows!

Dose anybody start school? I do!

I changed my major and start whole new thing. I feel it’s gonna be crazy.

I moved to new place right before school start.

I filmed moving so stay tune if you want to see vlog 🙂


You may wonder. Why is her hair pink?!

It’s because this post is about my Japan trip.

Don’t get me wrong! I brought up this because I uploaded Japan Vlog on my channel.

Check it out.

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I’m trying to post video regularly as much as possible.

j-ff  Fedora& Crop top by Forever 21/ High Waist skirt by H&M

Sneakers by Converse


I love all those cherry blossoms.

I can’t see trees full of flower in LA 🙁

That’s one thing I miss about Korea.j-fb

You’d see this skirt in my Back to School Lookbook.

I really like this skirt. I think this is only high waist skirt I have.

My apartment is still big mess but as soon as we settle down, I will start filming my video.


Anyways, Japan trip was so cool and I really want to go again.

Check out my video if you want to know what I mean 😉


I like Japanese bending machine and dessert <3

See ya soon. I probably come back with Korea Vlog Part2 or Moving Day Vlog.

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j-b IMG_9953

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