Hot summer is going away!

It was freaking hot last week but this week feels bit cooler 🙂

I went to Salvadorian festival last weekend but didn’t film or do that mush of stuff

because it was disappointing.

There were just bunch of commercial booths.

Dress & Sunglasses by Zaful

Bag by Skinfood

Sandals by Steve Madden

This summer dress is so cute and comfy.

Plaid pattern is the thing now as I can see all brands have so many plaid pattern items.

I think it’s very classy and lovely pattern.

The point of this dress is the backside.

I had to ask Andy’s help to tie ribbon.

Well, it’s cute so that’s not a big deal.

This converse bag? ego bag was gift from Skinfood.

Yes, it’s that Korean cosmetic brand!

The yellow point at the bottom looks really cute and the quality of bag is good

so I use this bag in my daily life pretty often.

It was too shiny not to use sunnies.

These sunglasses from Zaful is perfect for this vintage vibe outfit and pictures.

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Hi, Meows!

I’ve been working overtimes so don’t have newest outfit

but I’m planning to shoot lookbook video at home

because I fell in love with using colored gels for my lights!

Isn’t is beautiful?!

I took this shoot at some exhibit called Wonder Spaces in San Diego.

And this was my life changer!

You know I’m all about colored hair and vivid colors and this is my thing.

Top by Zaful

Do you remember I told you that I got selected as their Instagram model?

This was on of their model package and I’m so excited to show you my lookbook.

I barely have time to edit videos but I just love this look and the video came out really cool<3

I love this white turtle neck crop top. It gives such a chic vibe.

And the material was pretty thick so I don’t need to worry about my nipples lol

Y’all know I hate wearing bras.

Denim Shorts by Zaful

I’ve been wearing these denim shorts everywhere.

It’s so basic but I’m surprised I didn’t own these before.

Honestly, I’ve been trying many products from Zaful over years

and I think their quality is just getting better and better. 

I’m editing my vlog. I hope you like my videos.

I will post more lookbooks and other kind of video rather than just vlog.

I’m just so busy to save up some money before school starts hehe.

Monokini Feelz

Hello Summer!

Do you remember my wishlist/shopping list for Zaful and Rosegal?

I finally tried out monokini from Zaful and beach throw from Rosegal!

Monokini by Zaful

OMG this bikini is so sexy! I loved its design.

Sadly, this design is not for some girls who have big boobs :(…

I had to pull it up every time I move…it slides to the side and shows my boobs. Whatttt

So sad it’s so perfect but I don’t think I can wear this the other times.

But if you don’t have big chest, it would be just the dream monokini!

Sunglasses from Zaful

Shirt by Zara

I know it’s beach but I still wear black everything.

But at least I wore red stripped shirts for my cover ups.

Mesh+ Black is just so chic! I still can’t get over that I can’t wear this anymore 🙁

The material is so nice and I didn’t need to use pad on chest side.

It’s just not for big chesty’s…

Beach Throw by Rosegal

Even my beach throw is black & white hehe

I needed something for beach like this foreva!

It dose its job very well and I think I can use this for my flatlay pictures someday too.

The pattern is so cool.

I’m editing my San Diego Vacay Vlog as well.

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Under the Glow

Hi Meows!

Have you checked out my Youtube channel?

I’m adding Korean subtitles/CC on my video.

So if you are Korean, it would be helpful!

Cropped Sweater by Rosegal

Sugar Bag by Gamiss

This cropped hoodie has rose embroidered, and I love that little detail.

Too bad it’s too hot to wear it now 🙁 LA is between 90-100 degree.

I vlogged about this exhibit at art district!

I have so many things to edit but I start working more shift so don’t have much time…

What a bummer…

Well…your girl needs to make some money money money hehe

Oh I’ve had this mini bag forever and this is so useful!

I can carry my camera for vlog everywhere and I love that it has zapper not buttons.

I tend to lose some stuff if I have buttoned bag.

And this top has cute hoodie so I can wear rainy day!

I didn’t put away this top in case 😉

Look at that vivid rose<3

Chelsea boots by Zara

Yea…it’s THAT boots I wore during whole winter…or spring

Oh! What did you buy at Zara Sale? I didn’t go crazy this time but I got some good stuff.

I will show you any time soon.

I’m editing my San Diego trip video and pictures and I got really cool shoot.

Can’t wait to show you meows!

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See ya! 

Rosegal lace dress long sleeve spring 2017 Promotion

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