Hard Summer


Hi, Meows! It’s getting cold at night, right?

I can’t wait fall season because a leather jacket and a bomber are my favorite fashion items.

But, I’m going to miss summer as well because I’m going to miss a pool party!

h-ds  We had the pre-pool party before we went to Hard Summer Music Festival!

I was playing around with cute floaties and Diplo the dog.

I like this picture because my face looks like a diamond LOL

You know I love reflections!h-d2

Bikini by Gamiss

Click the name if you wanna shop this amazing bikini!

I was in search of my new bikini and Hard Summer outfit.

And when I saw this bondage looking piece, I knew I found the perfect one for the both uses.

Gamiss has so many cute bikinis,

but I had to choose one because my body is only one and I can’t wear hundreds bikinis in one season 😛


Swan the float says “What’s up?”

I know I have a bitch face in front of camera. And IDGAFOS!

By the way, Dillon Francis killed it at HSMF!!!

Sunglasses from Little Tokyo/ Choker by 2020ave


If you haven’t watched my Hard Summer vlog, you should watch it now!

Check out my full outfit for Hard Summer and the festival vibe in my video 😉

Oh I miss it so much, I can’t wait Dada Life compound!


You will see how I style this bikini in my vlog!

I bought summer dress from Gamiss as well, and my summer dress look book is coming soon!

I mean…who doesn’t love summer dress? Wait for it XOXO


This is my favorite float from my friend’s pool hehe

Oh wait, I almost forget to tell ya about my new vlog

I know y’all are crazy about Pokemon go!

I might sound stupid in this vlog since I was drunk, but watch it if you like to check it out.


I started working at new job and preparing for moving which is next week.

I’m super tired everyday.

But I will do my best to post my blog& vlog regularly,

so please subscribe my channel if you wanna see more of it.

It means me a lot when I see someone likes my video or blog post.

Love y’all and see you next week!


Dear Summer



Hi, Meows!

Are you enjoying your summer? Is any of you getting ready for school?

This August is pretty busy month for me.

I’m starting new job next week, moving out to new apartment, and going back to school.

I feel like this is new chapter of my life because there are many changes recently.


Hat by Forever 21/ Choker by H&M/ Necklace from Korea

You’ve seen this fedora tons of times in my posts HEHE.

I really love this one. I’m currently looking for some beach hat hut I couldn’t find one I like so far.


Have you checked out my Youtube channel?

If you haven’t please search @jinffeine on Youtube and watch my video!

That is definitely one of my new chapters!

After I move to new apartment, I will upload look books and tutorials 😉

m-fss3  Maxi dress by Dezzal/ Sandals by Steve Madden

This is my first maxi dress ever!

I’m shorty so I barely wear anything long.

But when I saw this maxi dress from Dezzal, I thought I’d give it a try.

And it was very satisfying. The fabric feels good and perfect for summer.


I like it because it has split front so it’s easy to walk and doesn’t make me look like I wear a curtain.

Also I like the way these slits look when I walk.

Feeling of soft fabric touching my legs with wind is so satisfying too.

I feel like it’s good summer dress.

m-fsb m-fss   I ordered one more item from Dezzal and I’m very happy with the quality of their products.

The other item I ordered is my first off shoulder top!

I will post about it in the other post because it’s still too hot for the long sleeves.

I think it’s a good piece for my back to school look book.

So, stay update with my channel *wink wink*

m-cuc m-bc

One more thing!

Since it seems like many of you like my blue hair the most, I decided to keep this color for a while.

Yay #teamMermaidm-fcu

Gleaming Lights of the Souls

IMG_9301 IMG_9300

Hi, Meows.

It’s the time…

My Jejudo vlog is up!


I have more vlogs coming too!

What should I upload next?

Korea Vlog Part2? Japan Vlog? Pokemon Go? Hard Summer?

Let me know!IMG_9281 IMG_9277

Sorry, this post is not focused on my outfit.

Here’s Bonte Museum in Jeju Island, South Korea.

And it’s their Yayoi Kusama exhibition.


Let’s sit here and just enjoy

Infinity Mirrored Room Gleaming Lights of the Souls.IMG_9273 IMG_9271 IMG_9270

Isn’t it just so beautiful?

Luckily, there was nobody in the museum, we were able to spend a long time in this room.

We were there more than 20 minutes I guess.

Watch my video to see how beautiful it is.



Don’t worry, here’re outfit details.

Jacket by Forever21/ Jeans by Zara/ Sneakers by Converse

Top is from Korean brand I don’t know.IMG_9259 IMG_9253 IMG_9242

Jeju island was so peaceful.

We didn’t go much of tourist side, but we visited museums instead.

I will post my other outfits and pictures of Jejudo as well.

Don’t forget to follow me on Social Media! @jinffeine

I’d love to hear your voice on my Youtube channel 😉

IMG_9238 IMG_9225 IMG_9172

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