Ice Cream Fun


Is it Summer?

  Hi Meows!

I hope you are having great summer.

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I hope you do! because I’m vlogging whole summer!

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Back to my blog post.

I went to Museum of Ice Cream last month.

I will make separate vlog about this as well 🙂


Top by Zaful

Skirt by American Apparel

Sneakers by Converse

I love this top from Zaful and it came at perfect time.

The quality is really good and I like that it gives romantic and sexy mood at the same time.

The museum it self was pretty fun experience.

Literally everything is so cute and I love its vibe.

Sprinkles pool was the best part of the museum.

You might see thousands of pictures on Instagram but really, it’s so Instagram worthy.

How can you not take hundreds of pictures here?

Quote of the day.

Most importantly, Be You!

Tennis skirt is everything.

It goes with everything <3

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In the Zone

I’m back! I’m finally done with this semester!

It has been such a hard semester but I made it through it.

How’s everyone? Are you ready to enjoy the summer? I am!

I have so much things to edit and I will post every week from now. I promise!

I went to the 14th factory. It is the exhibit in art district area.

Last month was like a museum month for me because I went to 4 exhibit and I vlogged everything.

Can you see a lot of vlogs are coming?

I loved this room so much because I’m a huge fan of Stanley Kubrick’s film 2001 Space Odyssey.

He’s my favorite director. And I love production design of every his films.

Top by Zaful

I received so much goodies from Zaful.

I can’t wait to shoot look book with all of them.

This top is one of the first ones I got in my package.

And as I mentioned in my previous post, I’m so into off-shoulder tops still.

This top has ruffles at the edges and they are really really cute.

Overall by Forever21

Sneakers by Converse

I wanted to join overall trend hehe.

I forgot how comfortable it is. The last time I ever wore overall was like when I was 12.

This is perfect for summer. I bought white color because I thought it fits with my style better.

Plus, I couldn’t find perfect denim overall that has washing fits my taste.

Anyways, see ya soon.

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Space Kitten

Who’s in pain of final week? *raise my both hands*

I’m supposed to study or writ my final paper but I’m posting this.

I mean…you need a break sometimes, right?

Sunglasses by Sony

It was super hot day when I visited this The attention room.

This was for promotion of song “Attention” by Charlie Puth

I’ve been listening this song a lot ever since.

Top & Sneakers by H&M

Sadly, I don’t have detail shot of this t-shirt.

But you may see a little kitten in my pocket. Now, you will understand the title “Space Kitten”

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this shirt. It’s just so cute!

I used to wear either solid color or patterned top only but I start liking point graphic top recently.

Skirt by Zara

This skirt is so comfortable and I like its pastel color tone.

Again, I only had solid color skirt before this skirt.

I’m playing around with new style a lot recently.

And I have exciting news!

I got selected by Zaful as their Zaful Model Girl!

I’m so excited to create new looks with their products.

I’ve already chosen some products for my summer vacay vlog.

As you know I was so busy with work and school so I didn’t have chance to edit my video.

But as soon as I finish my finals, I have so many video to show you!

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See ya in 2 weeks!

Comfy Bananas

I found my pictures from few months ago.

I meant to post this look but I couldn’t find where they are!

I had to reinstall my Mac and cleaned up some old files then, voila! I found them.

Hehe good to see my old hair.

Oh if you haven’t seen my new hair yet, check out my Instagram @jinffeine

I got some mermaid vibe.

Bra Top by Calvin Klein/ Banana Shorts by Gamiss

It was the time when everybody post pic #mycalvin when I bought it LOL

I love it. It’s so comfy but I didn’t wear out yet, only at home.

Banana! You know I buy every Banana stuff because of my love for DADA LIFE

This pants actually featured in their The Compound Trailer.

The one hand holding passport is mine!

Cardigan by H&M/ Thigh High Socks by Nasty gal

I love to wear cardigan and socks at home during winter.

I study and work on my blog or video stuff in the kitchen and it’s freaking cold.

But with those, it’s not that bad.

Whenever I try to shoot at home my babies bother me so I caught him.

Isn’t he hansom?

Black Bunny

Two posts in one day yay! I think I’m just avoiding study.

Well we were supposed to go The Broad the day we took this picture.

So I wore little bit formal/fancy…for my style LOL

But Andy was confused about the date so we had to come back the other day.

BTW I have pictures and videos from The Broad. Stay connected with me for it!

Top by Zara/ Skirt by Forever21/ Sneakers by Vans

This top is the one drags to me off shoulder trend!

I think it can be really cute and formal at the same time.

It was my first time trying Blue Bottle coffee and I wasn’t amazed about it.

It was super HOT day so I regretted wearing all black and were so thirsty.

It was closest coffee shop so I ordered latte as usual and it was…meh.

I think there are so many better coffee in LA.

  Choker by H&M

I usually don’t prefer wearing heavy accessories but this choker is so cute and classy.

I thought it would be good for museum atmosphere.

I already booked my hair appointment next week.

Can’t wait to get my hair done because it seems pretty messy now.

I will stick with Blue color but will have some more details.

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Road Heat

Hi Meows! Spring break is over and now I’m sitting on a loads of study and assignment. Can’t wait to this semester end. LA is getting hotter and hotter and last week was like the summer. So I changed my closet season and now I’m ready to rock tank tops and shorts. Cami Tank Tops…

Slit It

Hi, Meows! I’ve been just studying and working during my spring break. Does anybody have a fun during your break? My work closed down its business so I’m currently unemployed LOL Well, I kinda wanna focus on school until this semester finishes. But I’m like, super broke hehe. Let’s see how it’s going. Faux Leather…

Spring Black

    Hi Meows! It’s already spring although it’s so cold in LA for last few days. If you follow me on instagram or snapchat, you’d know I got flu… Oh my god I was dying for last few weeks. Despite of my worst condition, I finished one of my exam today. So I thought it’s…